List of 6 Best Wedding Photographers in Miami, FL

Tolga Kavut

Tolga KavutThis Miami wedding photographer has an extensive background in modern photography and is always continuing to add to his portfolio because of his high demand and affordable rates. Tolga is one of the best wedding photographers in Florida and carries a presence that is easy to work with. Most photographers try to stay out of the way but Tolga is entirely unobtrusive so he can create a realistic and unique shot every time. By choosing Tolga as your wedding photographer you will be able to rest assure that you have hired a photographer that is famous for his shots and personality.

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Fernandez Photography

Fernandez PhotographyRick and Myleen Fernandez are a husband and wife team that has a very serious knack for Miami wedding photography. They aspire to catch every moment possible at weddings and strive to offer high quality shots that will capture the genuine moments at any wedding. They offer some of the best rates in all of Florida but still offer great photography services that will capture every moment with the perfect angle. They strive to stay as discrete as possible and will always give amazing instructions in order to get the right angle to capture the perfect photo.

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Leo Photographer

Leo PhotographerLeo has a true commitment to creating shots that are not only gorgeous but unexpected. He is the best Miami wedding photographer to take very unique photos because of his extensive background in film and experimentation. With an amazing eye for dynamic composition and lighting, every angle is carefully thought out when snapping that perfect shot. Each of his photos he captures has a long list of perfection behind it to make sure that he captivates every beautiful moment. Some of his work has become famous within the Miami film community because of his eye for capturing moments on film that tell the story of your special day.

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Winston Delawar Photography

Winston Delawar PhotographyWinston and Suzanna Delawar are a father and daughter duo; they not only offer Miami wedding photographer but wedding videography as well. Famous for their photographer work for many celebrities which as landed their photos in well-known publications. Who wouldn’t want to have their wedding photographer be one that celebrities use? Exclusivity and a natural eye for capturing the best shots will come with the package. Both Suzanna and Winston have been photographers for many years and want to bring their expertise and perfection to your wedding. Hire two of the top-reviewed photographers in all of Miami for your wedding.

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Rodrigo Varela Photography

Rodrigo Varela PhotographyAnother Miami wedding photographer that commonly has photo shoots for celebrities; Rodrigo Varela has been in the business for over 20 years which has allowed him to catch numerous photos of A-List Celebrities. His style translates into life’s most important moments, making every couple feel like A-List Celebrities themselves. Your photos will make you feel famous and will rival those of any upscale wedding magazine. He has made it a personal goal to never duplicate any photo he has previously produced, making your wedding photography as unique as you are. Have your wedding captured as if you were walking the red-carpet and has paparazzi snipping pictures from every angle.

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Art Look Team

Art Look TeamThe Art Look Team is one of the up and coming top Miami wedding photographers. With raving reviews and testimonies from past clients; their demand is continuing to grow while still keeping their prices affordable. They understand that each wedding is unique and has different ideas and expectations so they have developed several different wedding packages that range for every couples budget. Whether you would like the additional wedding videographer services or just a few hours of wedding photography coverage, they have you covered. If you have any specific needs they will tailor their packages and shots to what you have envisioned so you won’t miss a second of film or video.

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